Eric St. Onge



Subway Reorientation System

Helping you find your way out of the subway.


Fall 2009

Student Project

SVA MFA Interaction Design

Communicating Design

Graphic Designer


As part of a school project to design an improvement for New York City's subway, I designed a navigation system that would aid riders as they exited the subway station. The system was designed to address the issue of reorienting subway riders as they transition from below ground to above ground. It's designed to reorient riders to the local neighborhood, and to point them in the right direction towards their final destinations.

There are two parts to this system.

The first is a map that would be installed in subway stations in front of the information booth.

The map would include a map view of the area near the subway station. The visitor's position is in the center of the map. The neighborhoods near the subway are each color coded to give a general sense of the area. Key landmarks in the neighborhood would also highlighted. Arrows lead off the map pointing riders to the correct subway exit.

The second part of the system is a compass rose that would be installed aboveground by the subway exit.

The compass includes much of the information from the larger subway map, but in a more condensed form.