Eric St. Onge




An app for discovering and learning about art in museums.

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Spring 2010

Student Project

SVA MFA Interaction Design

Prototyping User Experiences

Interaction Designer

  • Michael Katayama
  • Katie Koch


For a course in Prototyping User Experiences, I designed a built an app to explore and learn about works of art in a museum, along with my classmates Michael Katayama and Katie Koch.

The app is intended to guide visitors through the museum to specific works of art. A compass shows nearby works of art, or it can provide directions to specified works. Visitors can leave comments and rate their feelings about each piece of art, or they can listen to curated audio content about each work.

We developed a story to demonstrate what the app would be like in practice:


We prototyped several concepts of the idea. First we started with paper prototypes which we tested with several users.

Later, we made wireframes to provide a framework for the visual design.

We finished by making a Flash-based prototype, which is available here.