Eric St. Onge



Aetion Evidence Platform

A platform to analyze the effects of pharmaceuticals.


November 2016 - October 2018



Aetion Evidence Platform

Lead Designer


I was the first full-time designer at Aetion, where I led the design of the Aetion Evidence Platform (AEP), including the design of new features and improvements to existing features. AEP is a tool designed for pharmacoepidemiology (the study of the effects of drugs in a population over time) and it is designed to help users investigate questions such as:

  • How effective the a specified drug at achieving its intended outcome?
  • Does the drug have any unintended or unexpected side effects?
  • Do the effects of the vary depending on the population received it?

I am not trained in epidemiology or pharmaceuticals, so for me the biggest challenge was figuring how to balance improvements to the user experience with the complex subject matter, for a product intended for people that have a Masters degree or a Ph.D in epidemiology.

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