Weekly Thesis Post #28

April 27th, 2011

One more week to go!

I’ve spent most of the last week tying up some of the loose ends. Here’s an overview.


I made an update to the prototype app that addresses some of the questions and problems that were identified in the first release. If you’ve already downloaded the app, it should automatically update through Sparkle, or “Check for updates…” in the app’s menu. I’ve been collecting feedback from other testers, and I’ll bring up the feedback in the final section of the process capture.

I also built an “expo” mode that generates some fake data every time the app launches. This should be especially helpful in the presentation, since it would be pretty confusing to start the app with a completely blank screen.

I also did a quick visual design for obtract.com that provides a better overview and better matches the visual style of the app.

Process Capture and Summary

Just about done. At this point, I’ve finalized the design so I need to record a final “overview” screencast that demonstrates the features for posterity. I’m also doing one last editing pass.


The business cards are designed, but I’m waiting for a new app icon design to come in before I send them out to print. That should arrive today or tomorrow.


I ran through a rehearsal yesterday, and it seems like it’s going pretty well. I’m going to modify the content a bit to spend a little longer on the demo and a little less on the setup.


I’ll probably only have one or two more entries after this one. For reference, all of the blog entries about the thesis can be accessed here.