Weekly Thesis Post #27

April 23rd, 2011

We’re quickly approaching the end of the semester, and with it, the end of the thesis project. There’s now less than two weeks — 12 days — until the final presentations. I’ve spent the last week preparing the final deliverables.

Here’s a quick status update:

  • Prototype. I released a public version of Obtract on its website, obtract.com. I’ve sent around the link to a few of my friends and classmates for testing. I’ve made a few changes based on their feedback, and hopefully I’ll be able to make another update before the show. I’ve also sent out emails to a few advisors to get some advice on the prototype and where to take it from here.
  • Presentation. I’ve removed the user journey from my prototype, and instead I’ll do a live demo. Otherwise, the presentation is coming together. I have a rehearsal with Paul on Tuesday.
  • Branding. This still isn’t quite finalized, and is taking longer than expected. I think I’ll have this finalized by Wednesday of the upcoming week.
  • Handouts. I’m working on this too, and I have a draft ready.
  • Process Capture. Pretty much done. It’s online at ericstonge.com/thesis.

There are a few other small deliverables, but overall, the end is in sight.